This reason for this page is simple: I desire to share with everyone some of the most amazing online resources that are impacting my life and relationship with Jesus Christ! I hope you enjoy these! ~ John Piper’s Ministry

This is such a great resource! I have learned so much from John Piper that I am literally eternally grateful! So what is this online resource about? If you can imagine an online commentary of the bible that has written text, audio recordings, and even video explanations verse by verse! And I personally vouch for the sincerity and genuine faith of this man.  My personal devotions come from this site. ~ Paul Tripp’s Audio Gospel explanations

This is another Christian leader who has made a huge impact on my development! He has made a huge eternal impact on my life! He takes the principles of the Gospel and apply them in such a way that is life changing! My family has been changed through his encouragement. My life, work, and community has been too! ~ Conversations from our great Church Leaders!

I just recently found this resource, and have began to really enjoy it’s heart for allowing ‘both sides’ to tell the story. What I have found is that they invite reliable and authentic church leaders, who may do things differently, to discuss certain topics in order that their true agreements can be clearly understood and perceived. What I mean by that is that there are many ways to grow a garden, but there are God ordained principles that must be acknowledged to do it successfully; water, working the soil, sunlight, etc. This ministry invites different gardeners to share their uniqueness and yet express how they share a common understanding of God’s ordained truth! Just an excellent resource! Bill Donahue’s Blog

Just an amazing source of practical and useful insights to leadership and small group development; or really just how to care about others. I have really enjoyed the simplicity yet extremely valuable skills i have learned from Bill. The Biblical Counseling Coalition

Did you know that God has given us truths that can combat things like depression, family conflict, suffering, love, and more! This resource is a coalition of christian counselors who desire to share how they have learned that God cares for us and has enabled us to fight all that life may through at us!

What are some of the online resources that are impacting your life? Leave a comment and share yours!


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