On this page, you will find information concerning the ministries that Sara & I (Jon) are currently working with to INSPIRE COMMUNITIES TO DAILY PLACE THEIR HOPE IN CHRIST AND BUILD HIS KINGDOM; enjoy! : )

Ministries & their Information

Salem Reformed Church
13182 Salem Church Road
Hagerstown, MD 21740-1050
(301) 739-9212

Sara & I currently are working with the Youth Leadership Team at Salem through two different programs:

The House of Praise (HoP)

Hop Logo

All those interested, no matter their church affiliation or lack there of, meet on the first Friday of every month at Salem’s Community Center (located at the Church). The time is scheduled so that we can enjoy fellowship, games, and activities from 6:30pm till 8pm. Then, we hold a small devotional and discussion time where I (Jon) am able to: receive any questions from the group concerning a life with Jesus, share the gospel from passages of scripture, and invoke

Youth at the Hop

meaningful discussions from within the group.  After that, we have about 30 minutes (give or take) to wrap up conversations, games, etc and tear down for the evening. It is a time of great fun and fellowship!

Salem Reformed Church
1st Friday of Every Month
7pm – 9pm

Reveal Service

This opportunity is quite great! Salem Reformed Church has recognized a need for a more ‘youth focused’ service and meet it through this activity. On the third Sunday of every month at 7pm – 9pm, we gather to share songs with modern praises from our church band Sacred Release, share prayer request from within the group, and then open the stage for anyone to share an encouragement with the group; be it through a message, drama, music, anything! It’s a great time which varies from emotional impacting times to hilarious goofy times. Regardless of who is sharing what, I am sure it is something you don’t want to miss.

Salem Reformed Church
3rd Sunday evening of every month
7pm-9pm Ministry

This ministry is currently under development; so I will wait till later to share about it 🙂


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