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This McConnell Family

This McConnell Family started on September 18th, 2010 when Sara Elizabeth married Jonathan McConnell. Therefore, creating the family known as the McConnells and baby Jade 🙂 Yes that’s right, a determined little lady named Jade Alexandria McConnell decided she wasn’t going to miss out on any of our time together as a family; so on September 18th (yes our wedding night) miss Jade was conceived. After 40 weeks and some days, our little miracle was born and Sara & I learned the true miracle of God’s creative power.

What Is The Gospel Coalition? from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

This video expresses one of my many passions!

About Jonathan

My passion in life is quite literally Jesus Christ! In May of 2004, I was saved by God’s grace and began very ambitiously to seek Jesus; the person. It has been a long journey, which I’m sure still has only began, which has led me to where I am now: basking in the glory of my creator. It may sound silly or even overly religious, but nonetheless this truely is how I live my life. And as a result, I want to share Him with everyone I can! So I have found that my life’s mission/purpose is to Inspire communities to daily place their hope in Jesus Christ as Lord and to build His kingdom forever!

Now that’s quite a generic statement for some, but I would like to take some time to quickly share what I mean by this. I perceive communities as made up of families which in turn are made up of other people. Simply right! My intention for using the word communities is to impact the heart’s of others in such a way that communities are effected. I hope to share the dynamite gospel of my Lord so effectively that it’s blast effects many others too. Now, what do I mean by ‘daily place their hope in Jesus Christ as Lord’? Haha this one is a little harder to explain via writing. You see, I believe that every person lives their life based upon hope. That’s right: hope. Some may hope that money will provide the security, happiness, and love they need to be satisfied. Yet, others choose power or drugs. Even others choose pretentious christian principles that masquerade as true gospel, yet eventually fall short. What I intend to share with everyone is that only in a intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior can satisfaction ever be attained.  And finally, once you have learned about the King then He will share with you about His kingdom and your destiny in it.

So, I have chosen to commit myself to learning effective and efficient ways to impact communities for His kingdom expansion: Leadership, Small Groups, Outreach Ministries, Serving the less fortunate, Worship Experiences, and more are mediums that I am currently utilizing to accomplish this mission. More Coming Soon…


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