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So today I had an interesting meeting with one of my mentors. He shared a concern he had about my website. Basicly, that concern was that the website was about my glorification and not that of those im trying to serve or Jesus Christ. His perspective was that I do the ministries and manage the website to show people how awesome I am. This has deeply hurt me, not that he shared this with me for I appreciate his honesty and sincere love for me; rather that my website might be telling people it’s all about me.

So here is my thoughts, please let me know what you think:

I started this website with a couple goals in mind:

First and most important, to share with people news about what ministries I am involved with. In the hopes that I could get more people to come and be involved. Kind of like advertisements  or actually invitations is what I mean. Like, we are encouraged to go out and invite people to church and to come to youth group. So I figured, I could tell people about what ministries I am involved with to get them to come. It’s like online evangelism.

My second reason was to keep friends, family, & relatives up to date with what I am doing; like a Facebook page.

And third, for a place where people could come for cancellations and things. Like a central hub to get documents, permission slips, and news.

So those were my reasons for making the page. And the page has changed it’s appearances a few times. Here’s what it looked like at first:

Old Home Page

Old Speaking Page

But then someone shared the concern that people might think this website was the church’s website and not Sara & mine. So I resigned it to look like this:

Current Home Page

Our Contact Page

And now one of my mentors thinks it’s too me! I must admit im a little tired of redesigning this thing. It takes a lot of work, but if it does look like im trying to make my ministries about me then that is a fail too. I see Sara & I as domestic missionaries, and this page shares with others what we are passionate about, what we care about, and what we would like to invite them to be a part of. But if this isn’t the values expressed by this page I will redesign it. However, since the design before was too plain to make it known that this was Sara’s & my website im not sure how to design it to communicate both.

When I think about this, there are worship pastors, pastors, musical artist out there who have pages that share with you what they are doing and passionate about. And that’s exactly what I want this page to do. My agenda in life is clear: to serve in the local church’s in a way that enables them to maximize our ministry potential to families. Because strengthening families is my purpose in life. I am a leader, so i lead in local churches. And this website is suppose to share that. BUT! If it doesn’t i want to make it so it does. So please leave me some comments below so that I can be sure to do the right thing. Thank you.

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Jonathan McConnell