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Sara and I enjoyed a great trip to Baltimore Maryland this weekend. We went down on Sunday evening.  That morning I wasn’t feeling well. We think that all the stresses lately may have had me under the weather. So once I was road worthy we jumped on our bike and headed for an adventure. Sara and I had both visited the Baltimore Harbor, however neither of us were ‘up to date’ on the directions needed to get there 🙂 So after a little confusion we arrived at the harbor and enjoyed a good evening walking the bay area. We were quite hungry to we stopped in at the Hard Rock cafe and got something to eat. I had a  nice steak with shrimp and Sara enjoyed a burger with mac and cheese. It was a festive night with a live band there. The music was nice but not to our liking so we decided to walk the harbor. It wasn’t long till we found ourselves in front of more live musical artist. This time a more Latin genre was featured; this is more to our liking. So we stopped and enjoyed the show for a while, danced a little, and left. Wasn’t long till the sun started to go down and since we were on the bike we decided to call it an evening.

**//Lesson One:  If you don’t like the music, walk a little further. You may find something you like//**

Second, lesson of the night was a little harder for us to learn. When on a bike: Always have a jacket for the both of you! It was a cold ride home and Sara, when I requested she get a jacket for the ride, only brought a hooded sweater. So being the gentleman I was.. er am… I gave her my jacket. Leaving me with just a shirt. It had to have been the longest ride of my life.

**//Lesson two: Bring two jackets no matter what she says :p //**

It was worth it though. When Sara got off the bike she look so funny I almost.. well it was funny 🙂 See ->


Sara had the day of from school on Monday due to the holiday. So we decided to return to the harbor again and visit the Baltimore Aquarium.

It's Nimo ~ Sara

It's Nimo ~ Sara

What a sight it was too! We saw the Dolphin show; where Sara insisted we sit in the splash zone! Watched the 4D show as well. It was a great movie, too short though, where I really felt like I was there! We also saw the Jelly Fish display too. That was Sara’s favorite I think. We grabbed a light desert at a Nice Tuscan Restaurant right on the bay. It was great. Thank you Sara for joining me on my adventure! Next time I promise to take more photos and spend more time on the narrative. To all my readers, God bless : )