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We sing the old hymn; that one that expresses just how amazing the creator we serve really is. How great thou Art O lord. I have been truely blessed by Loius Giglio’s Sermon Series How great thou Art and Indescribable. You can watch them all on youtube and I will supply a link to the first of 5 parts to his How great Thou Art Series. However, I encourage you to buy the dvd set. It’s truely worth the money. It has been such a blessing to me. Louis talks about right Sizing God. What he means is that so often our perception of God is so weak and disrespectful. Louis talks about when he used to pray he would advize God and recommend to God certain things. However, once he saw just how big, powerful, and super wise God actually is things changed. I will agree; when I learned that there exist a start that is not twice the size of our sun.. not three times.. no the star is twice the size of the rotation of the earth around the sun!!!! That’s huge!!!! And my creator created this star. He formed it by the words of His mouth. There are just so many implications to the truths I learned here. I have found them to be a true blessing in my life. And I hope his words are to you too. Please enjoy.