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I am a big fan of exegetical studies, and have to admit that I often fall into the problem of forgetting to share the practical and applicable part of the scriptures. Seth Kniep does a great Job in exploring Walter C. Kaiser’s technical book (and exegetical theology for that matter) “Toward an Exegetical Theology .”

Please check out his article here.

Couple of point’s to mention. It is so important that we take the Bible for what it means to say and not what we feel like it is saying to us. That is not only dangerous, but also dumb; because one day we will be judged for our teachings. Seth makes some good points though:

*study to find the original intent, but

*remember it’s place in the redemptive story of Christ, and

*learn from the great aposolic preachers.
Theology + Application + Prayer = Edification

Thanks Seth for this Great Article