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About Me

Hello 🙂 My name is Jonathan. I was born in Savannah, GA to a wonderful missionary family; Jefferson & Evelyn McConnell. I grew up within their ministries at various Boys Homes. However, sadly I didn’t follow Christ until May 2004. Gripped by my pursuit of adventure, I devoted my life to sports, outdoor sports, etc. Although, I was a “good person”. I didn’t know Christ personally, and I was living a life of sin. Thanks be to Jesus though, He intervened in my life by a traumatic event: a car accident. I was riding home with my friend when we were hit by a large truck. I was blind & paralyzed for some time and told by the doctors that a full recovery was questionable. For someone as self-willed as I am that was very hard news, because it meant I was bathed and cared for by my loving family on a regular basis. My hopes and dreams were smashed, and I was bitter. Bitter toward someone I ignored a better part of my life: Jesus. Call it mother’s intuition; my mother decided one day to put on an audio tape of the book of Job. Lying there on that bed I met the person of my Creator and fell in love. My perception of Jesus was so off base. And when faced with the wonder of His majesty I collapsed inside. The Holy Spirit had convicted me. I told God that night, “What ever I have left is yours.” It wasn’t long till I began to regain my health. Doctors still marvel at my recovery. That was the beginning of a life long pursuit of my King. I have since grown a deep passion for exegetical readings of the scriptures. Deciding that I desire to know what God meant through His word rather than what I thought it said. I have a huge passion for sharing with others about how amazing Jesus has been to me, and what He currently is to me: Life. I could talk forever here, but I will continue. Straight out of bed god used my new passion and took me to the mission field: I lead a sports camp in the inner city of Philadelphia; went on several mission trips to Mexico; lead several youth groups; and was a director of a christian summer camp. My mission in life is to Build Relationships for Intentional Development, God, and Effective Sustainability. All that too say I am people focused, rather than program or whatever focuses. I desire to build encouraging focused relationships with people. And these relationships have three purposes: 1) to mutually edify each other in our walks with Christ; 2) to glorify my loving Father; 3) to be effective in achieving growth while continuing to be sustainable (a fun balance). I am currently looking to develop a discipleship ministry where I can encourage others that they are uniquely created by God with radical talents so that they may encourage others and glorify God in a way that only they can. Please be in prayer as I pursue this.