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Okay, so you have a great idea for a ministry or maybe your church has already got an amazing ministry. But no one knows it is there! That’s a big problem right!? So what do you do? You have to get online! It is the fastest, most cost efficient tool you can do.  It’s even cheaper than bulletins, posters, or anything you could make up! How? It’s free! Seriously, in this article i will show you how you can make an appealing informative website with no experience and give it a name people can remember like we did with McConnells.tk.

Step 1

The first step in making a cool webpage for your ministry is getting the necessary programs to make it in. Now don’t freak! I promise that it is very easy! These programs are not only free, amazing, and simple to use, but are Drag and Drop.  Meaning that it’s just like scrapbooking your favorite event and posting online for others to see!

So first you need to install Gimp.

Gimp Photo editor

Gimp is a photo editor (like photoshop) that can be used for a zillion things. Not only can you use it to make you images look sharp, but it can be used to make eye catching images, headers, buttons, etc. I will write another article about how to use Gimp for everything and add it’s link [here] soon : )

Make sure you also have Adobe Flash Player installed too. You can do that my clicking on this link. If it ask you to install something, then you don’t have it or you don’t have the latest version. So go ahead and install it. If it says something like “Your Google Chrome browser already includes the latest Adobe® Flash® Player built-in” or something like it, then you are good to go.

Step 2

Before we even begin to design what your ministry website will look like we need to figure out what to put in it! So open your favorite text editor and start writing down categories such as:  HOME {here you will put the general paragraph! Which will describe what your ministry is all about}, ABOUT US {where you describe yourself and more information about your website}, EVENTS, etc. For inspiration, check out other websites and see what information that have included. Address, phone number, email, all these things need to be considered. Ask yourself, “what do I want this website to do?” Then write out how it will do that.

Once you have a general idea what information you want in your information, it’s time to go shopping for a design!

Step 3

Now there are ton’s of ways to do this. Simply type ‘website inspiration’ into google and you will have enough inspiration to keep you busy for a lifetime; really i have done it… So to keep yourself from overloading and getting overwhelmed I will recommend you stick to the wix templates that are FREELY available. Wix? What’s wix? Wix is where we are going to host our website! And not only Host but also create and publish our website.

Wix Website Creator, Publisher, and Host

Wix is one of the best DRAG AND DROP website creators I have used. You can create professionally looking websites in a matter of seconds. So type www.wix.com into your browser and Create a free account.

Step 4

Once you have an account you are half way done! Really, it’s all up hill from here! So NEXT, we need to search for a template that meets our fancy. So click on Create in the top navigation bar and search for a template that looks good to you. Now all the pictures can be changed very easily. What you are looking at is the layout. For example,

Wix Template

The above template is very elegant. Notice where the navigation bar (Home, About, Contact) is located. Do you like it there? Notice the picture bar. Do you like that?

What you are not asking are questions like: Do i like the color, the actual pictures, the fonts, anything like that. Because all of those things you can change. You are simply looking at the layout: what’s included and what’s not; how it portrays it’s information; etc. Once you have selected a template click the Edit button either on the thumbnail or at the top of the preview window.

Step 5

Now the wix help tutorial and such are really helpful so I see no need to explain how to edit the information. If I see enough comments at the bottom of this page asking for help i will address it then, but the wix help is very good. So the NEXT step is to change the background colors, fonts, and images to meet your desires.

Step 6

I am going to assume now you have an awesome webpage in front of you that has been published! Congratulations! One problem though. Notice the address wix has given it? If you didn’t sign up for the premium account (which I don’t recommend until you know your page is being well used) then it gave you a address like http://www.wix.com/%5Byour username] / [the title of the page] . Now I don’t think that it is very wise to give that address out. Mainly because no one will remember it. Your address needs to be something catchy but simple. So what you need is a url redirection tool. A what Jon? You need to use another tool that will allow you to take a cool address like artist4christ.tk and push people to your wix address. So go to dot.tk and follow the simple directions to get your address redirected. Name it whatever you want and you are ready to go!

Beware “Registrations are deactivated if the website receives less than 25 hits per 90 days, to prevent domain name hijacking.” ~ Dot.TK

But if your not getting that many hits in three months then you shouldn’t have paid for a website anyways! So keep registering it with the same address at Dot.TK until you meet your quota : )

Your Site is Up : )

You can login to your website at wix.com anytime you want and edit the information or whatever you want! You now have a great website up and running and it didn’t cost you a cent! Congratulations!