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Born : 11-11-1987
Where : Savannah, GA

1.Quick Bio
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Quick Bio :
Since I can remeber my family has been domestic missionaries to youth. Working for Cedar Ridge Ministries mostly; I was fortunate enough to experience the realities of ministry first hand through talented & diverse leaders. However, like many youth I myself did not seek God or desire to know Him. I worshiped sports and found my self-worth in my performaces. It wasn’t till a severe car accident in May of 2004 that I came face to face with my creator. I was blind and paralised for some time and told by the doctors that my chances of a full recovery were questionable. For someone whose entire world revolved around ‘taking care of himself’ that news was enough to scare me. Solomon said that the beginning of knowledge is a fear of God. After listening to Job on an audio cassette, I came to fear and revere my creator. I gained a new understanding of His word: His revelation. I listend to as many tapes as I could. And that began my deep passion for exegises (understanding the Bible for what it says, not what i thought it said). Then God say fit to allow me to lead in several christian atmosphers such as mission trips, bible studies, youth groups, church events, and so many more. I was truely blessed. There’s a lot more to my testimony. Check it out on my wordpress……
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2. Current Ministries

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